When do you ship out your products?

Usually I aim to send everything out on Saturdays when I am stocked. Once a package is delivered by me to UPS, I will provide a tracking number once one is provided to me.

My item was marked delivered, but I can't find it.

Sometimes USPS packages can marked as delivered, but not show up until a few days afterwards.

To try to locate your package, first check with neighbors or family. Then I recommend calling your local post office and asking them to verify via GPS coordinates where the package was marked as delivered. Generally, they will be able to solve the issue at this point.

If you believe your package was stolen, please file a police report with your local agency, and report the theft to the Postal Inspection service at 977-876-2455. Mail theft is a federal crime, and because we are both losing time and money in these situations, I do make sure we utilize all possible resources.